About ORDA Canada

A Charity Helping Poor Afghan People.


The Organization for Relief & Development of Afghanistan (ORDA) is a Canadian registered charity dedicated to improving the lives of Afghan people.

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Mission statement

Our mission is to do whatever it takes to create a self-reliant life for the war-affected people of Afghanistan.


Photos from our monthly meetings held in Ottawa, Canada with volunteers and board members.



About us

The ORDA Canada charity was established in 2013 to respond to the need of poor Afghan people and to help fill the gap where international services were not able to provide the aid.

We deliver basic assistance to the poor people on yearly basis and sometimes our aid component varies to address the environmental and local situation of the people based on need on the ground.

Our charity is based in Ottawa, Canada and we are registered with relevant government departments and fully adhere to the Canadian charity law.

Our objectives include:

Reduce Poverty

Improve Education Standards

Improve Human and Animal Health

Provide Life Skills and Employment Training

Sustainable Agriculture

and Livestock Development


Project: ORDA supported 200 returning refugee families with fruit trees which were distributed in the poorest locations. The recipients were also provided with tool kits for rebuilding of their homes. The fruits also helped with their nutrition needs.


Project: ORDA's poultry training and distribution project allowed the beneficiaries to learn how to take care of their chickens through one-week training. They learned skills in egg marketing, feeding and watering chickens.

How we do it

Our aid programs are either carried out by ourselves or we fund other aid groups who are already active in the area where the aid is needed. We are also open to collaborative efforts with other aid organizations for long term aid projects.