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Organization for Relief & Development of Afghanistan (ORDA)


The Organization for Relief & Development of Afghanistan (ORDA) is a Canadian registered charity dedicated to helping Afghan people.

Mission statement

Our mission is to do whatever it takes to create a self-reliant life for the war-affected people of Afghanistan.


Photos from our monthly meetings held in Ottawa, Canada with volunteers and board members.



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What we do

We're helping impoverished Afghans get back on their feet by rebuilding their lives through sustainable agriculture, educational opportunities, health programs, and vocational training.

Our objectives include:

- Reduce Poverty

- Improve Education Standards

- Improve Human and Animal Health

- Provide Life Skills and Employment Training

- Sustainable Agriculture

- Livestock Development

Current Fundraiser:

An earthquake magnitude of 6.3 occured on October 7th in the Herat province of Afghanistan leaving many people in urgent aid. We are currently raising donations to provide food, water and basic medicine to these people.

Our team of volunteers are on the ground to assess the impact and provide direct aid. You can donate to our fundraiser through Canada Helps page online and receive a donation receipt.

The ORDA has a Canada Helps donation page. Click here to donate on Canada Helps!

Second option on the Canada Helps website or if you search for ORGANIZATION FOR RELIEF & DEVELOPMENT OF AFGHANISTAN.